For my daily create for June 4th, 2021 I decided to focus on my favorite event on June 4th, National Donut Day! June 4th is a day I always look forward to. Especially since I go to Dunkin’ Donuts like everyday and get an iced coffee and a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles. So, it is nice to get that free donut on National Donut Day with my purchase of an iced coffee. As my sister always said “there’s no price better than free-99”.

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  1. Grant- Free 99, love it. I might start using that haha. That is pretty funny that we actually picked the same holiday to celebrate on June 4th, as I also picked to do National Donut Day. I also drink coffee almost everyday, so when I got that notification that we could get a free donut with a purchase of coffee, I jumped right on that. I also like the way you incorporated text into your picture. What program did you use to do this? Instagram? Snapchat? What was it? I may start doing that for all of my daily creates as well to give them more meaning.

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